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Are You Ready For Some Football?...

posted Dec 1, 2015, 8:39 PM by Erika Henson

Dear Friends,

I am making plans to formally address the PTCA on December 9, 2015, and set forth a formal proposal to administration, but I wanted to touch base with you all soon rather than later.

1) I want make sure that you know about the flag football game that will be going on at Central Park (not on school grounds and after school hours) at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday December 3, 2015. You are all invited. If you have not signed up but want to (men are playing) email brian@angelicinc.com. We are tailgating. That means grill, chips, sodas, music, kids cheering and at the playground, all around fun. Make a sign, bring pom poms, noise makers, bull horns. You are invited. You are encouraged to join the PTCA for $5 during the festivities. We want %100 membership participation in the the PTCA. Please help us reach our goal. A flyer will go out tomorrow.

2) We want to conduct another food and a toy drive. We will make 25 baskets to give away in the Kindezi community for anyone who might need it over the holiday. The administration of the food is pending approval but our boxes will be ready for distribution on December 17th. All food must be in before that day. I will post a big sign tomorrow we will check off as we collect to make sure we get everything we need to make the boxes complete. Your donation can be dropped off in the Parent Resource Room. And we thank you for understanding that many of our kids only eat at Kindezi somedays we hope to fill the gaps during the break. I will update the facebook and portal daily on what we collect. If we collect more than 25 baskets worth we will give more. If you have a source that can do a mass donation contact me erikadhenson@gmail.com.

a. 75 cans of tuna (family size in water)
b.75 boxes of jiffy
c. 25 jars of peanut butter (family size)
d. 25 jars of jam
e. 50 cans of corn
f. 50 cans of carrots
g. 25 cans of peas
h. 50 pks. of powdered milk (gallon size)
i. 25 containers of oats (family size)
j. 25 jars of mayo
k. 75 loaves of bread
l. 25 $10.00 gift cards from Kroger
m. 25 bags of beans (Black, pinto, navy)
n. 25 boxes of crackers (family size)
o. 25 boxes of cookies (family size)
p. 25 boxes of raisins
q. 25 bags of rice
r. 25 boxes of sugar
s. 25 boxes of tea
t. 25 bottles of apple juice
u. 50 cans of green beans
v. 25 cans of pineapple (in juice)
w. 25 cans of pears (in juice)

3) Please donate a toy. We will give them out just like we give out the food more information will come on this request in the upcoming days.

4) At the Kindezi PTCA meeting we will revisit making the list of alma maters and pledging to pay for the eighth grade classes application fees for higher education.

Tis the season for giving. Just pick what you want to or can be a part of- every little bit is appreciated and feeds our spirit of community and giving.

All the details will be ironed out and forthcoming. I just wanted you to know this what we were thinking about in December.

Thank you,

Erika Henson