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A Few Upcoming Events to Keep in Mind

posted Jan 11, 2016, 9:00 PM by Erika Henson
We have one week under our belts and we at the PTCA, the Kindezi administration, teachers and staff have been working steadily on getting out a calendar so that you can know what is coming sooner rather than later... We are not yet done with that task. Here is a quick list to look out for what's coming just around the corner…
  • Operation Peace has started offering after-school at Kindezi O4W.
  • Tutorial starts again tomorrow on January 11th at 3 pm. 
  • Studios start tomorrow at 3 pm. 
  • New Car Pool Numbers are in use and are being enforced.
  • The fifth graders are hosting a basketball fundraiser for their annual class trip on Friday at 2 pm, tickets are $1.00.
  • January 15th is national hat day.
  • MLK Holiday is on January 18th.- School is Closed
  • January 22nd Coffee and Conversation with the Principal. It will be held in the morning. 
  • 100th Day of School Celebration is Coming Up on January 19th
  • PTCA Full Body Meeting is on Wednesday. It will be held in the evening. 
  • We are planning so far to hear from 'Dean' Giles Baldwin Leeper in a "State of Kindezi" address, about the first week in February. around the 3rd. -Listen out for a possible venue. We want to address both Kindezis.
  • There is a Valentine’s Day Dance coming around February 12th 
  • Food Pantry should open officially this semester in its own space.
  • Black History Month is in February
  • Winter Break is February 15-19th - School is Closed
  • February 26th Science Fair for  4th and 5th Grade
  • Picture day in March
  •  Book Fair will be held beginning of March

This is not an official calendar but it is a good list to guide you so that you can make some plans for the upcoming. If you know of more things. Feel free to post.