Our PTCA Budgets

The following includes some of the draft budgets that are being used to operate the PTCA. They are awaiting formal approval and final adoption from the committee.

The Financial Narrative for Kindezi PTCA O4W Fall 2015

Financial Narrative

When the school year began, we were unofficial formed and had no budget for the Parent Teacher Community Alliance PTCA. We began work with $0.00 in the accounts dedicated to PTCA and we survived on donations from the front office and the left-overs from the parent resource room. Groups formed committees and each committee was asked to submit their lists of wishes and needs. This formed the draft budget for the annual 2015-2016 year. After all of the financial request game in and were tallied we surmised that the requested in the draft budget was $48,810.00. We adopted the budget and an operations manual on October 15, 2015. Then we went to work. 

Our first fundraising event was the scholastic book fair, September 28 – October 2, 2015. It was hosted in our media center. We sold $6,106.07 in books, games, school supplies and toy prizes. A total of $56.00 was donated by parents, teachers, grandparents and community members to support students who could not afford to buy a book. We made a profit of $1000.00 and $826.89 in scholastic dollars to be distributed to our teachers.

We took donations of paper products and food service items from parents about $25.00 worth.

In promotion of the book fair, we hosted a Grandparent’s Breakfast. The Edgewood Kroger sponsored this breakfast for $240.00 in groceries and party platters. This event was a success with the help of Dunkin Doughnuts and with food, decorations and tea donations from parents.

Our first newsletter was printed at a cost of $70.00. This was donation to our group.

We held a Dine Out at the Zaxby’s on Ponce de Leon Avenue on Two Nights October 21 and 22. The Kindezi family ate dinner at the restaurant for two nights and we were given a portion of proceeds for the night. We earned $100 for each night. The flyer and promotional materials were donated, at a cost of about $120.00.

Our next fundraiser was selling red Slushy’s in the cafeteria during Red Ribbon Week October 26- 30th at the lunch hour. (We now know no more selling in the cafeteria under new APS regulations.) We rented a Slushy machine for one week, it came with the mix. We sold 6 oz. Slushy’s for $1.00. The machine rental was $547.00. Parents donated cups and decorations for the celebration.  We sold $439.00 in Slushy’s and gave out a lot to staff and students.  We took a loss on that one. Slushy’s were also sold as part of the Trunk or Treat Fundraiser.

Our second newsletter was printed at a cost of $70.00. This was donated to our group.

That same week we conducted a community service fundraiser for Pink Out, to raise awareness on breast cancer. Students paid $1.00 to wear pink. We collected $114.00. The proceeds of this fundraiser will be donated to the Center for Black Women’s Health.

Harvest Festival was on Saturday, November 7, 2015. We spent $3,041.44 to put on the Harvest Festival. Built in the festival were catchments for monies: admissions fee, concessions and the silent auction. We also had a PTCA Membership Drive and the Harvest Festival Raffle. 

Total annual expenditures for the year were at $3,811 and the income is $4,154.

Proposed amendments to the operations manual include:

(1)    a reimbursement procedure

(2)    new draft budget

Both drafts can be found on the fundraising page at http://beehive.kindezi.org

We will vote on them in the New Year at the first meeting.

We have collected cash donations this year at $310.00

We were awarded a Walk Audit worth $10,000 through a competitive application program with Georgia Safe Routes for Kids.

Total revenues for this Fall 2015 including grants are at about $20,000.00.

Congratulations Kindezi O4W PTCA!

Our fundraising secretary is Cecilia Battle at battlececilia@gmail.com

Thank you

Erika Henson

Erika Henson

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