How do we fund the PTCA?

Membership Drives:
Member dues to join the PTCA  can come from parents, grandparents, neighbors, and community members. These dues are used to support the goals, programming and initiatives set by the PTCA Committee Members.  A small portion of the dues go to supporting the operations of the PTCA. If you have not already become a member of the PTCA please take this time to join.  The dues are only $5.00 per member at this time. If you or  your child has benefited from the PTCA programming we encourage you to join now! If the fee is a barrier the PTCA still needs your contribution of time and moral support just contact Cheryl Johnson to complete your membership form.

Book Fairs:
A portion of your Book Fair goes to support the school and PTCA.

Event/Participation: Entry fees to fairs; selling raffle tickets; registration fees are additional avenues for raising funds for the PTCA.

Donations: Parents, families, community members, local businesses and organizations are encouraged to support our school through donations.

Sponsorship/ Community
Partnerships: Building relationships with major corporations creates meaningful partnership.

There's always something going on with fund-raising at Kindezi O4W.  For a full list of all events please see out current fundraising programs for 2015.